Maple Park meets its candidates

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by Keith Beebe
MAPLE PARK—Maple Park residents on March 6 had an opportunity to hear from the seven candidates running for five village trustee seats in the April 9 General Election.

Candidates Gregory Cutsinger, Lucas Goucher, Brian Kinane and Terry Borg will run for the three four-year-term seats available this spring, while Stephan Nowak, Debra Armstrong and Christopher Higgins will compete for the two two-year seats available.

“I thought all of the candidates were sincere in their statements regarding the village of Maple Park,” Kinane said. “All candidates seemed to want to see the village move forward, and have the best interests of the residents in mind. Most of the statements were about growth of the village, as well as how to improve what is existing.”

Resident turnout for Meet the Candidates was small (less than 10 showed up for the event), but Borg and Village President Kathy Curtis attributed the low attendance number to the fact that the current Village Board have worked well together without controversy and under economic conditions that limit significant change from occurring in the village.

“I was hoping for a larger turnout on candidate night. It is very exciting to have seven people vying for five open seats,” Curtis said. “Voters have options; this was their opportunity to ask questions that matter to them and find the right candidates to represent them.”

Kinane said he hoped residents who did attend Meet the Candidates night can determine which combination of trustees will be best for the town.

“Each candidate brought something different to the table, whether it be a financial background, a construction/building background or previous trustee experience,” Kinane said.

Borg said he thought the candidates all presented similar perspectives that were reflective of the community.

“I trust residents learned that all candidates were committed to maintaining the small town, rural nature of the Maple Park community,” he said. “All candidates voiced the understanding and need for assisting business development and balanced growth. Growth does not mean any diminution of the true values and character of Maple Park.”

Curtis said she walked away from the Meet the Candidates event with the realization that Maple Park “has seven very talented people ready to work in the best interest of the village.”

“The skills that these people bring to the table are all very good,” she said.