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MP Village Board implements burn ordinance

in Maple Park by

by Chris Paulus
MAPLE PARK—Maple Park Village Board members on Tuesday discussed an ordinance to amend the village’s municipal code by adding a chapter on “Open Burning and Recreational Fires,” which will implement a burn ordinance stating that recreational fires cannot be burned within 20 feet of a residence or within 15 feet of a property line.

“It was originally 25 foot, and we had it changed to 20 feet. This has been reviewed by Chief (Kevin) Peterson and the Fire District board,” Village President Kathy Curtis said.

Some trustees were unsure of how to proceed with the motion.

“We have to talk about how to educate the community about the fact that they can’t burn anymore,” trustee Terry Borg said. “This is kind of a big change; we can’t do it through enforcement means.

Borg made a motion to defer the decision until the Village Board’s meeting on Tuesday, April 2. Trustee Suzanne Fahnestock seconded the motion.

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