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Community Corner

Community Corner

Community Corner: The mystery of migration

by Donna Tate Fox Valley Wildlife Center As the last hazy days of summer prepare to clothe themselves in the bright hues of fall, many birds ready themselves for a yearly journey to warmer climates and more abundant food supplies. While migration is still not completely understood, we do know that a combination of factors… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Community Corner: Is bottled water better than tap water?

by Jennifer Jarland Coordinator, Kane County Recycles In the midst of festival season, I see so many water bottles littering the streets and parks, stuffed to overflowing in trash cans and recycling cans throughout the city. I look down at my ever-present refillable metal water bottle and wonder, why don’t more people use refillable bottles?… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Community Corner: A place where seniors make friends and grow

by Susan Oppenborn Administrative assistant, Elderday Center William Shakespeare once said, “A friend is one that knows you as you are and understands where you have been, accepts what you have become and still gently allows you to grow.“ At Elderday Center, we promote the idea that everyone has something important to contribute to the… Keep Reading

Community Corner

So much to do at the Elburn Community Center

by Ryan Wells, Elburn and Countryside Community Center Board member The Elburn and Countryside Community Center has a ton of things going on this spring and summer, and we want to let the community know how to get involved. First, it is important to point out that the center receives no tax funding, so everything… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Community Corner: ‘Is it orphaned?’

by Donna Tate Director of Education Programs, Fox Valley Wildlife Center Among the nearly 3,000 animals the Fox Valley Wildlife Center takes in each year, the majority are the wild babies. Sometimes these new lives come to us with obvious signs of injury or trauma that necessitate human intervention. Other times, the demise of the… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Selection of best board members ‘critically important’

by Renee Goier Kaneland School District interim superintendent In the next few weeks, Kaneland community voters will select four members of the Kaneland Board of Education. Four members represent a majority of the seven member board, and selection of the best board members is critically important to the success of our community’s schools. I have… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Community Corner: Getting to know Fox Valley Wildlife Center

by Donna Tate Director of Education Programs, Fox Valley Wildlife Center On the grounds of the Elburn Forest Preserve sits a small, unassuming white house. And behind the closed doors of the converted ranger facility, the Fox Valley Wildlife Center is hard at work. Kane County’s only state and federally licensed wildlife rescue and rehabilitation… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Community Corner: Find your career path at the library

by Shannon Halikias Sugar Grove Public Library director Over the holidays, I had the occasion to meet a 20-something young man who was confused about what he is actually meant to do with his life. This is not an uncommon condition for many young adults who are looking to find their “next” after graduating from… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Answering the public’s many questions

by Renee Goier Kaneland interim superintendent of schools “Out of retirement and ready to work on behalf of the children of Kaneland.” That was my focus in September when the Kaneland Board of Education appointed me interim superintendent. I will fill that role on a part-time basis for this school year. Most of my responsibility… Keep Reading

Community Corner

The spirit of giving at the library

by Shannon Halikias Library director, Sugar Grove Public Library The spirit of giving is alive and well at the Sugar Grove Library in actions and deeds. This month we are collecting non-perishable items for Between Friends Food Pantry of Sugar Grove. Patrons may freely donate, or we will waive $1 in fines for every quality… Keep Reading

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