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Editorial/Opinion - page 11

Letters to the Editor

Letter: A look ahead at Kindness Campaign 2015

Thank you to the Kaneland community and the Elburn Herald for support of the Kindness Campaign over the past couple years. We are very excited about the 2015 Kindness Campaign in October. With this support, we have been able to raise quite an awareness to certain social and emotional issues in our schools, groups and… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Letter: A look into video gaming machine numbers

It has been over two years since the first video gaming machines became operational in Illinois, and the results may be surprising. In the first 27 months of operations there were over 19,182 terminals that reported $972.5 million in net terminal collections. Of this total, approximately $243.1 million went to the state’s Capital Projects Fund… Keep Reading

From the Editor's Desk

Guest Editorial: The importance of enrichment

by Donna Tate Director of Education Programs, Fox Valley Wildlife Center Man for centuries has enjoyed viewing wild animals in captivity. The first major example of exotic animals housed in a zoo-type setting occurred around 3000 B.C. The Egyptians maintained these collections because many of the animals had religious significance. Additionally, possessing them was viewed… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Selection of best board members ‘critically important’

by Renee Goier Kaneland School District interim superintendent In the next few weeks, Kaneland community voters will select four members of the Kaneland Board of Education. Four members represent a majority of the seven member board, and selection of the best board members is critically important to the success of our community’s schools. I have… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Where’s the shovel love?

I am a student in seventh grade at Kaneland Harter Middle School, and I am very disappointed in the people living near my bus stop. Every weekday, I walk to the bus stop in the dark and the cold, and I have to stand in the street for up to 10 minutes while cars drive… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thank you, Snow Trackers

In anticipation of the forecasted snowfall on Feb. 1, the Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District (ECPDF) reached out to the De-Kane Snow Trackers to have additional resources ready, should the need arise. The ECPDF would like to thank the Snow Trackers for their willingness and quick assembly to meet and have a plan in… Keep Reading

From the Editor's Desk

Editorial: A clarification and a reminder

Those of you who plan to attend the Kaneland Arts Initiative’s (KAI) sixth annual Fine Arts Feast, take note: the event will take place Saturday, Feb. 21, at Open Range Southwest Grill, Golf View Road, Sugar Grove. The date of the event was previously disclosed as Friday, Feb. 20. Regarding this year’s fine arts festivities,… Keep Reading

From the Editor's Desk

Editorial: Meet the candidates this spring

With several local electoral races currently kicking into high gear, now is the time to get familiar with the candidates seeking your vote on the April 7 Consolidated Election ballot. And the local community will have a few chances to do just that. First up is the Kaneland School Board’s Candidate Forum, which will take… Keep Reading

From the Editor's Desk

Editorial: A good time for a greater cause

Within one of our issues each February is a preview of the annual Mr. Kaneland event. And that trend will continue next week when we preview the Mr. Kaneland 2015 gala and all of the fun stuff included with it. Created in 2007, Mr. Kaneland is a male pageant meant to raise money for the… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Community Corner: Getting to know Fox Valley Wildlife Center

by Donna Tate Director of Education Programs, Fox Valley Wildlife Center On the grounds of the Elburn Forest Preserve sits a small, unassuming white house. And behind the closed doors of the converted ranger facility, the Fox Valley Wildlife Center is hard at work. Kane County’s only state and federally licensed wildlife rescue and rehabilitation… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Letter: The passing of a former county auditor

I was saddened by the recent passing of Jerry Morrow, who was my predecessor as Kane County auditor. I had the opportunity to work as a contractual auditor while county auditor Morrow served as the accountant for Kane County. When Jerry decided to retire as county auditor, he convinced me to seek election as his… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Letter: A letter from a concerned Kaneland parent

I am a concerned parent of the Kaneland School District. Our kids are about to be locked out of a groundbreaking educational endeavor forever because the School Board won’t act. The Dunham STEM School is a STEM school set up by the Illinois legislature, and only six districts in the entire state have been selected… Keep Reading

Soup’s on

For years it was our goal to feature a food-oriented column in the Elburn Herald, and we spent many company meetings kicking around ideas such as a dining review, weekly cooking recipes and even a Q&A with a local chef. None of the above suggestions panned out, obviously. It’s a conflict of interest for us… Keep Reading

Columns/Janet Lagerloef

From meat rocks to a glorious chicken pot pie

by Janet Lagerloef Owner, The Catering Gourmets, Sugar Grove The first dinner I made my husband Jerry was meatballs. “A no-brainer. Who needs a cookbook?” I laughed to myself as I packed super-lean burger into big, tight balls and fried ’em in a flaming hot skillet … for a really long time. By the time… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Election law prevails

For the past two years, I have been trying to make a difference in Kaneland School Board governance. I must admit this has been a learning experience and eye-opener for me. I have been a member of the Kaneland Financial Advisory Committee for two years and still don’t have a comfortable understanding of how money… Keep Reading

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