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Editorial/Opinion - page 26

Letters to the Editor

Letter: A thank you from KHS wrestlers

The Kaneland High School wrestlers want to take a few moments and thank the Kaneland community for its generosity and support in helping the wrestling team’s cause of attending Malecek Wrestling Camp in the Wisconsin Dells. The wrestlers themselves logged over 422 hours of service in the community, excluding all the help the coaches and… Keep Reading

From the Editor's Desk

Editorial: ‘Lemonade for life’

by Mark Underwood Neuroscience researcher, president and co-founder of Quincy Bioscience On cold, dreary, overcast days, do you dream about trading the chilly weather for a gorgeous day under azure blue skies and perfect temperatures? That wishful thinking is a positive way to look at the world. The good news is it’s more than wishing… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Performing Arts Boosters’ first year a successful one

by Denise Blaszynski President, Kaneland Performing Arts Boosters In early June, Kaneland High School bid farewell to the graduating class of 2013, of which 21 students were in choir and 17 were in band, with three involved in both. This is an amazing group of talented young people with incredibly bright futures who brought continued… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Kaneland community makes it happen for Sports Boosters

by Ryan Delahanty President, Kaneland Sports Boosters As the 2012-13 Kaneland school year draws to a close, it provides the perfect time to reflect on the past school year and the accomplishments of our Kaneland student-athletes. Kaneland High School and Harter Middle School have enjoyed another stellar sports year that includes: undefeated seasons; conference, regional… Keep Reading

From the Editor's Desk

Editorial: Summer—84 days and counting

by Jill Pertler Columnist, “Slices of Life” I love being a mom—365 days a year … or nearly that many. Motherhood is a daily (and middle-of-the-nightly) event, but it’s right around this time each year I find myself contemplating the value of my role in providing guidance, direction, leadership and healthy snacks to my children.… Keep Reading

From the Editor's Desk

Editorial: It’s garage sale weekend in Sugar Grove

What really signals the arrival of summer in the Kaneland community? Hot weather and barbecues? Inflated gas prices? The Chicago Cubs officially falling out of postseason contention? All three options are certainly valid, but a more accurate (and certainly more welcome) barometer might be Sugar Grove’s annual community-wide garage sales. Coordinated by the Sugar Grove… Keep Reading

Community Corner

‘Dreamcoat’ on the Kaneland Auditorium stage

by Maria Dripps-Paulson Executive director, Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival The Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival (KCFAF) is pleased to announce the summer 2013 production of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s iconic musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” The Biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colors comes to vibrant life… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Letter: A letter from David Hintzsche

I manage a local ag retail business. We provide the crop nutrients and crop protection products that enhance yields. The media attention and miscommunication that took place following the horrible tragedy in West, Texas, last month causes me concern. Early on, some sources said that anhydrous ammonia was the cause of the explosion. Those of… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Knights Wrestling Club event

Knights Wrestling Club will host a one-night Intro to Wrestling 101 event on Friday, June 21. This event is open to kids from kindergarten through high school. This is designed for those kids who have zero wrestling experience and want a chance to explore this sport. During the two-hour course, kids will get to meet… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Check out the Kane County Guide

As a volunteer with several organizations within Kane County, I constantly hear of people with needs in the community for social, health, human services and safety. The Kane County Guide provides a “one-stop shopping” listing for these needs. The Kane County Guide is one of the best-kept secrets in this county. Even some of the… Keep Reading

From the Editor's Desk

One more time … with feeling

One of the best things about sports—regardless of whether it’s at the high school or professional level—is the element of rivalry. A tradition-fueled sense of competitiveness that excites and intrigues fans, and even sometimes sets their teeth on edge, as they watch two beloved entities battle. We’ve seen generations-old rivalries, including the Boston Red Sox… Keep Reading

Community Corner

Kaneland Performing Arts Boosters award scholarships

by Denise Blaszynski, president, Kaneland Performing Arts Boosters To some, May is considered a music-filled month at Kaneland. Between the middle and high schools, there is at least one or more concerts or performances each week. It was at those events that the Kaneland Performing Arts Boosters awarded 12 individual scholarships—one each for grades 6-11—to… Keep Reading

Kaneland Hall of Fame inducts local journalism pioneers

As the Kaneland community’s hometown newspaper, we feel a special connection with any and all persons inducted into the district’s Hall of Fame. Chances are that we’ve covered or featured these inductees at some point during their time serving the Kaneland School District, and their achievements continue to inspire us to serve the Kaneland community… Keep Reading

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