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Sugar Grove

SG Village Board approves temporary use of video gaming machines

SUGAR GROVE—Sugar Grove Village Hall on Tuesday was host to approximately 55 residents—some local, some from nearby villages—for the Sugar Grove Village Board’s discussion and vote regarding a proposed ordinance to temporarily allow video gaming in the community until the issue is included as a referendum on the April ballot. Keep Reading

Sugar Grove

SG village trustees look ahead to 2013

SUGAR GROVE—The year 2013 could be a fruitful one for the village of Sugar Grove. Several village trustees expressed their strong interest in creating an interchange to Interstate 88 off of Route 47 near Waubonsee. The trustees are working with the state to get a grant to begin the project. Keep Reading

Sugar Grove

Vehicle collides with pedestrian in SG township

SUGAR GROVE—An accident in unincorported Sugar Grove township has resulted in the death of an Aurora man. Dean Craig, 54, was walking east on Jericho Road at 7:40 p.m. on Monday when he was struck by an eastbound Toyota Tundra. The collision occured on the stretch of Jericho Road between Dugan and Ashe roads. Craig… Keep Reading

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